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VCI dispenser

EXCOR has a large range of VCI dispensers. They are used, e.g. as VCI capsules or VCI pads, where tightly closed packaging does not receive the VCI protection from the wrapping but from a dispenser deposit placed inside the packaging itself. The EXCOR VCI dispensers vaporise their corrosion inhibitors into the surrounding air and create the desired corrosion-protective atmosphere for the corrosion-sensitive packaged goods within the closed packaging space.

There is no one VCI product that protects all types of metal in the same way. That is why EXCOR boasts several groups of active ingredients, each of which protects several types of metal. Maximum dependability through the targeted use of active ingredient groups.

Advantages VCI dispenser

  • Dry corrosion protection by adding to existing packaging
  • Long-term and large-scale effect
  • Different groups of active ingredients for different metal types
  • Easy application and dosage
  • Residue-free and odourless
  • No workplace monitoring necessary according to the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 615 and 900
  • When used as intended, there is no hazard due to skin contact or inhalation
  • Suitable for components intended for contact with foodstuffs
  • Amine-free
  • Materially or energetically recyclable