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VCI containers & VCI trays

EXCOR offers a variety of containers or stacking trays with VCI for different components that need to be fixed in place and/or easily removed individually during transport. Trays and containers of corrugated board coated on one side with VCI or laminated with a VCI film are suitable for disposable use. This is also possible with compartments. When concerning re-use logistics, stackable plastic containers and thermoformed trays are equipped with VCI active ingredient spanning the entire material cross-section. Each year EXCOR checks the remaining VCI content, which lasts for several years. Hollow chamber plates can also be used to make a variety of transport media that also carry VCI at their core. VCI trays and VCI containers streamline the automated industrial packaging process and provide reliable corrosion protection with VCI.

There is no one VCI product that protects all types of metal in the same way. That is why EXCOR boasts several groups of active ingredients, each of which protects several types of metal. Maximum dependability through the targeted use of active ingredient groups.

Advantages of VCI containers and VCI trays

  • Effective, even in high humidity
  • Amine-free
  • Different groups of active ingredients for different metal types
  • Dermatological tests confirm excellent skin compatibility
  • When used as intended, there is no hazard due to inhalation
  • Suitable for components intended for contact with foodstuffs
  • Correspond to the technical delivery condition (TL) 8135-0043
  • No workplace monitoring necessary according to the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 615 and 900
  • Not subject to classification according to 1272/2008/EC
  • Materially or energetically recyclable