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Corrosion protection and environmental protection – it works!

With regard to the preservation of our own way of life, the careful use of resources is also an obligation borne by EXCOR. Corrosion protection and environmental protection are not contradictory terms. Sustainability in packaging can relate to very different aspects:

  • The production of packaging material (conserving resources, reducing emissions)
  • The consumption of material (material efficiency)
  • Multiple use of packaging (shuttle transport/multi-trip)
  • Recyclability of the packaging material

We also demonstrate the innovative strength of EXCOR in our products’ sustainability: Material savings and recyclability are always a top priority for new developments, along with the efficacy of corrosion protection and handling!

After all, corrosion protection is sustainable in itself, because your metal products remain functional and are preserved for longer. This saves both resources and energy for the production of new components.

Our contribution to greater ecological sustainability

  • Recyclable material cycle VCI dispenser EMIBO Klassik The dispenser capsules are used as often as possible within the reusable system and can be refilled after the effective period has expired. The reusable capsules reduce consumption by a tenth to a sixth and can be fully recycled. For this innovation, EXCOR was awarded the German Packaging Award 2020 in the category “Sustainability” .
  • VCI dispenser EMIBO Natur are made of 100% renewable raw materials: board on the outside, technical filter paper with the VCI active ingredient on the inside – all disposable as waste paper.
  • VCI tray VALENO layertray EXCOR’s innovative process has made it possible, for the first time, to laminate with very thin VCI film trays made of cast fibre or corrugated board, i.e. paper-based, without reducing the tray’s recyclability.
  • ICB mechanism of action Due to its long-lasting protective effect, the ICB film is more economical in consumption than other VCI films and thus conserves resources.
  • VCI film VALENO S-film High strength and very thin. And thus material-efficient.
  • VCI dispenser ABRIGO Pad The dispenser consists of a technical filter paper equipped with VCI and can be disposed of as waste paper.
  • VCI paper ABRIGO EXCOR’s VCI papers are effective and fully recyclable.

With the environmental certification according to industry standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 the company EXCOR Korrosionsschutz-Technologien und -Produkte GmbH underscores its understanding of its relationship with the environment and contributes to the continuous improvement of its environmental protection efforts.

The reduction of energy and water consumption in the company or the use of climate-friendly refrigerants in the climate chambers  and cabinets of corrosion research also play a role in this regard.

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