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VCI bags & VCI hoods VALENO

Protected all over and packed quickly: Our VCI bags or VCI hoods simplify the packaging process to a significant extent and form a closed protective space. EXCOR VALENO bags and hoods consist of a polyethylene film with integrated EXCOR VCI active ingredient. The designs range from VCI side fold hoods to VCI flat bags and rubber drawstring hoods – each in different sizes and film thicknesses.

We can satisfy additional requirements such as customer-specific printing, ESD protection, flame retardancy, defined mechanical strength properties and transparency at any time.

VCI bags and VCI hoods from EXCOR offer long-term and large-scale protection, even in high humidity. Especially practical: All products made from VALENO VCI film are transparent, so that customs do not have to open the packaging and the protective effect is retained in full.

Typical applications:

  • Bulk material
  • Spare parts
  • Small machines, assemblies or units
  • Insert for pallet cages, small load carriers or boxes
  • Cover for open packaging units

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