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Why corrosion protection?

Corrosion is the reaction of a material with its environment that ends up destroying the material in the long term. What the consumer usually knows as “rust” on metallic surfaces is a serious problem: For Germany, annual losses caused by corrosion are estimated at an average of EUR 110–140 billion, which corresponds to roughly 3–4 % of Gross Domestic Product.

Good corrosion protection concepts are, therefore, a key economic factor that should not be neglected and are indispensable for use in the transport and storage of bare metal parts.

They play a decisive role in the packaging of metal. Depending on the accompanying circumstances, three different corrosion protection methods can be used: the VCI, the desiccant and the coating method. VCI packaging with vaporising corrosion inhibitors is the cleanest and most economical solution.

It is not only the environmental influences, however, but also the types of metal that are decisive in the choice of effective corrosion protection. EXCOR offers for different metals or metal alloys specific corrosion protection solutions.

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