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Over 30 years of experience as a technology leader

EXCOR is a pioneer in the field of temporary corrosion protection according to the VCI method: More than 30 years ago, EXCOR was the first provider to introduce film packaging with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), thus significantly simplifying the processes for the storage and shipping of bare metal components.

Following its start and the experience gained in the application of its products, EXCOR has continuously expanded its range through consistent research and development.

Our success is rooted in our history


  • At the beginning of the year, EXCOR Korrosionsschutz-Technologien und -Produkte GmbH receives the "Top Employer" award from the German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing (DIQP).
  • The intelligent corrosion protection film ICB receives the "Special Mention" award in the main category "Excellence in Business to Business" at the German Innovation Award 2023
  • Excor expands its portfolio with the ICB film type GS, which was specially developed for the protection of cast iron and steel.
  • Following a successful audit, EXCOR receives a further award as an employer in December from the Südniedersachsen Foundation with the TOPAS seal (Top Employer Südniedersachsen).


  • Development of a new active ingredient mechanism: ICB - Intelligent Corrosion Blocker (patented) 
  • Award of the German Packaging Prize in the category "New Material" for ICB film


  • Awarded the German Packaging Prize in the category “Sustainability” for the EXCOR recyclable material cycle for the VCI dispenser capsules EMIBO Klassik
  • VALENO Layertray: Trays made of cast fibre, corrugated board or plastic are laminated with a very thin VCI film that is true to contour and can be easily removed after use for separate disposal. EXCOR received the Göttingen Innovation Award for this particular innovation
  • EMIBO Natur: VCI dispenser capsules made from renewable raw materials (paper)


  • Development of a recycling system for VCI dispenser capsules EMIBO Klassik with RFID monitoring


  • VALENO Tube Strip: VCI cavity protection in tubes and pipes with loading technology (dispenser tape is dispensed into the cavities)


  • Capacity expansion in the area of climate simulation (total of 4 climate cabinets and 3 climate chambers)


  • Worldwide presence of the EXCOR brand. Distribution under the product group names VALENO (films), ABRIGO (paper), UNICO (foam), EMIBO (dispenser), BALESO (desiccant) and PERIGOL (liquid corrosion protection)


  • Patent for the compositions of vapour phase corrosion inhibitors, process for their preparation and their use for temporary corrosion protection


  • Acquisition of Euromasch Maschinen-Handels-Gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria
  • Establishment of the company site in Romania
  • Development of the EXCOR product range PERIGOL


  • Sales network development in Italy


  • Development of the VCI dispenser systems


  • Establishment of a trace analysis laboratory at the company’s “Corrosion Research” division in Dresden
  • Establishment of a distribution network in South Africa
  • Additional patent for vapour phase corrosion inhibitors and process for their preparation


  • Start of Master Batch Production in EXCOR Corrosion Research


  • Development of the EXCOR paper product range PERIGOL


  • Procurement of climate chambers for packaging testing
  • Patent for vapour phase corrosion inhibitors and process for their preparation


  • Sales network development in Mexico
  • Patent for corrosion-inhibiting composite material
  • Development of the EXCOR film product range VALENO


  • Incorporation of EXCOR Korrosionsforschung GmbH with company headquarters in Dresden
  • Establishment of a distribution network in Spain and Portugal


  • Incorporation of EXCOR Korrosionsschutz-Technologien und -Produkte GmbH by the German packaging business Hermann Chr. Knüppel KG and the American company NTIC (Northern Technologies International Corporation)
  • Distribution of a range of film products
  • Sales network development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Manufacture and distribution of licensed VCI packaging products from NTIC under the former name NONCOR and Zerust in Germany