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Even in closed VCI packaging, certain environmental conditions can cause condensation to form and settle on the metal surface earlier than the VCI active ingredients. Above all, when packing warm metal parts, condensation forms very quickly. To ensure that this does not damage the metal parts, it makes sense to use desiccants in addition to the VCI packaging. The EXCOR desiccant binds the moisture that occurs and ensures that the VCI active ingredients have free access to the metal surface.

The EXCOR desiccant also makes a significant contribution to preserving metal parts where residual moisture occurs in deep holes, packaging with a large air volume or long-term packaging. It is certified according to DIN 55473.

Advantages of EXCOR desiccant

  • Supports the corrosion protection effect under high climatic loads
  • Easy handling, immediately ready for use
  • Free from chemical additives
  • Not subject to classification according to 1272/2008/EC
  • Simple quantity calculation by means of desiccant calculator (according to DIN 55474)