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VCI Active ingredient types

Why is there a need for different types of VCI active ingredients?

There is no VCI product that can protect all types of metal equally effectively. An inhibitor that protects steel from corrosion, for example, can damage copper. The reason for this lies in the respective metal-specific corrosion processes. Corrosion protection agents must be adapted to these natural differences. The corrosion protection effect of EXCOR active ingredient types is focused on this; however, at the same time, it can also provide multi-metal protection for different metals or their combination.

The right active ingredient for every metal

EXCOR has been developing and producing corrosion protection technologies and products for the metal processing and manufacturing industry for over 30 years and is constantly optimising the performance of its products. The different corrosion mechanisms seen in metals require a specific response for the protection of the different metals. This is especially true in the case of corrosive loads on components during transport and storage. EXCOR uses the appropriate type of active ingredient depending on the requirements for the metallic goods to be protected.

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