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NEW: VCI tray VALENO layertray

The designation VALENO Layertray stands for lamination and thermoforming effect. Die-cut corrugated board trays or corrugated board toothed strips are laminated with a VCI film, which lines the recesses with sharp contours when heat is applied. Even cast-fibre packaging or plastic trays with contour receptacles can be laminated tightly true to contour. The lamination inhibits the corrosion-promoting properties of the corrugated board and cast fibre when in contact with metals and provides VCI corrosion protection in a closed outer packaging.

With corrugated board and fibre castings, materials are used that once required elaborate processes to ensure reliable corrosion protection. Significant cost advantages and ecological sustainability characterise this innovation.

Typical applications:

  • Disposable packaging
  • Products that are automatically packed and/or removed
  • Steel sleeves
  • Magnets
  • Electric engines
  • Smaller quantities possible

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