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VCI dispenser paper ABRIGO Pad

EXCOR ABRIGO Pad is a VCI dispenser based on a natural fibre board. This offers a multiplication of the emitting surface and thus a faster VCI build-up phase. The high deposit rate also ensures long-lasting VCI corrosion protection.

The VCI dispenser paper ABRIGO Pad is a supplement to our EXCOR film-based corrosion protection products. In combination with an existing VCI packaging solution, the VCI dispenser can bring about a faster protective effect. ABRIGO Pad can also be used in closed packaging spaces, or to protect interiors of film bags, cabinets, housings, hollow bodies and machines from corrosion.

ABRIGO Pad is effective on both sides, neutral in terms of odour, and dry. The VCI pad has a grammage of 300 g/m² at a thickness of 0.62 mm. The basic delivery form is 100 cm-wide rolls, from which narrower rolls or individual blank dimensions can be made.

Typical applications:

  • Disposable dispenser
  • Switch cabinets (interior corrosion protection)
  • Load carrier
  • Reinforcement of the VCI deposit

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