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NEW: VCI dispenser capsule EMIBO Natur

EMIBO Natur VCI dispenser capsules combine effective corrosion protection with ecological sustainability: 100% natural pulp with proven EXCOR VCI active ingredient.

The VCI capsule EMIBO Natur consists of 100 % renewable raw materials. While the cover is made of a tough cardboard, inside the capsule natural fibre cardboard forms the VCI active ingredient carrier. For improved active ingredient circulation and faster VCI release from inside the layers, EMIBO Natur has an innovative VCI chamber system. In addition to a rapid build-up of the VCI protective atmosphere, EMIBO Natur offers an active ingredient reservoir that maintains its protective function even under extreme sources of climatic stress. As a handy accessory pack, the VCI dispenser made of pure cellulose is particularly suitable for corrosion protection packaging designed for single-use during transport. It is simply disposed of as waste paper.

Typical applications:

  • Disposable dispenser
  • Switch cabinets (interior corrosion protection)
  • Load carrier
  • Reinforcement of the VCI deposit

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