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EXCOR UNICO foam is a 5 mm thick PU foam embedded with VCI active ingredients over the entire cross-section of the inner cell surface. With the resulting large deposit, the EXCOR UNICO VCI foam has proven its worth for many years. The large surface area of EXCOR® foamed material ensures very rapid saturation of the packaging volume. This can be decisive for metal surfaces that are highly sensitive to corrosion and for large-scale packaging.

The basic delivery form of EXCOR UNICO is a roll of 1000 mm in width and 60 m in length. Narrower rolls and blanks are available. The VCI foam can be unrolled in large shipping units over the goods to be protected, or it can also be used as blanks to match the roll width in smaller containers, including for additional security. Upon request, EXCOR can equip blanks with permanent or removable self-adhesive.

Typical applications:

  • Single-use/multi-use dispenser
  • Overseas boxes
  • Load carrier
  • Reinforcement of the VCI deposit

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