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VCI stretch film VALENO

The VCI stretch film VALENO combines the proven corrosion protection effect of EXCOR with the specific properties of stretch film: for securing loads, for bundling profiles and pipes, as a protective skin on machines and sheet metal coils, or for wrapping mesh containers and crates. Its smooth outer surface ensures the easy handling of stretched packaging units.

The VCI protection integrated in the stretch film works on both sides. As a VCI wrapping film, it can be used by hand and also by machine, and it possesses a very high stretchability, puncture resistance and tear resistance. The VCI machine stretch film is suitable for use with horizontal wrappers for fixing corrosion-sensitive metal parts on corrugated trays, as well as with stretch wrappers for wrapping roll containers.

Typical applications:

  • Wrapping of load carriers (steel and wooden racks, wire mesh boxes, roll containers)
  • Load securing
  • Bundling of pipes, rods, profiles
  • Wrapping coils

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