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VCI bubble wrap film VALENO

The protective effect of a bubble wrap film, combined with the proven corrosion protection effect of EXCOR: The VCI bubble wrap film VALENO is a flexible, lightweight and highly effective inner packaging cushioning solution made of polyethylene with EXCOR VCI corrosion protection. Like an air cushion, it protects metal parts by separating them and prevents sharp-edged components from causing damage to the outer packaging during transport. EXCOR bubble wrap for metal parts is effective on both sides and so can be used as an intermediate layer. A specific direction of effect has not been observed.

EXCOR’s bubble wrap films with corrosion protection are available in rolls, blanks, bags, tubes and hoods.

Typical applications:

  • Separate sensitive components
  • Padding between components
  • Prevention of relative movements
  • Securing of sharp-edged parts

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