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Corrosion protection oil PERIGOL VCI 230

PERIGOL VCI 230 is a corrosion protection oil with VCI active ingredient that provides multi-metal protection. It protects as oil, but it also emits VCI. It is sufficient to cover the bottom of a casing, to protect the entire interior from corrosion with the help of the VCI active ingredient. The spray bottle is used to reach areas that are difficult to access within complex designs.

PERIGOL VCI 230 is compatible with many engine and gear oils, so that it typically does not have to be removed again. When in direct contact with the metal surface, the VCI oil provides an oily, non-slip film that can be removed with aqueous alkaline cleaners.

Typical applications:

  • Cavity protection of gearboxes, engines, bearings, hydraulic systems and tanks
  • Additional VCI deposit in combination with EXCOR VCI packaging

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