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VCI crepe paper ABRIGO

EXCOR VCI crepe paper ABRIGO is a crepe paper impregnated with VCI corrosion protection, which reliably protects metal parts from corrosion during transport and storage. The metal processing industry uses VCI crepe paper especially for packaging parts with irregular shapes. The good stretchability of crepe paper allows it to adapt to the contours of the packaged goods and it does not tear. Due to the crepe structure, the VCI crepe packaging also acts as a source of cushioning protection. To achieve an outer barrier layer, VCI crepe papers can also be coated with polyethylene.

For our crepe papers ABRIGO, we process base papers from 30–200 g/m² – the elongation can be adjusted from 5–200%. VCI crepe papers ABRIGO are available in rolls or as blanks.

Typical applications:

  • Metal parts with irregular shapes
  • Intermediate layer
  • Wrapping of packaged goods
  • Impact protection

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