ABRIGO Crepe Paper

The metal-working industry chiefly uses EXCOR ABRIGO Crepe Paper for packaging unevenly shaped parts. Due to its good stretchability crepe paper adapts to the shape of the part and does not tear. The creped structure gives the paper good cushioning properties To provide an outer barrier layer VCI Crepe Paper can be coated with polyethylene. The degree of creping of paper determines its longitudinal stretchability and pliancy.

EXCOR ABRIGO crepe papers offer all these properties, adapted to the customer’s wishes. For our EXCOR ABRIGO crepe papers we process raw paper ranging from 30 - 200 g/m² and with degrees of creping from 5 - 200 per cent (by creping we mean the percentage increase in base weight due to the crinkling it brings about). EXCOR ABRIGO crepe papers are available as rolls or sheets.

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