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MHS GbmH Team – Waldmünchen, Burglengenfeld

A proven partnership

As a long-standing customer of EXCOR, MHS Logistik GmbH trusts in the quality and innovation of our products. A trusting cooperation and the constant endeavour to optimise processes and meet the highest quality standards are the basis for our successful collaboration.

MHS Logistik: Pioneers in the logistics sector

MHS Logistik GmbH has established itself as a system service provider for well-known system integrators and logistics service providers. With an impressive 20,000 square metre warehouse in Burglengenfeld, Bavaria, the company offers a robust infrastructure for safe and efficient packaging and transport processes.


EXCOR: A pioneer in corrosion protection

Over the years, we have experienced changes and improvements in the industry together. One of the most important chapters of our collaboration was the seamless transition from VCI to ICB.

This move not only improved the protection process for MHS Logistik, but also increased satisfaction and confidence in the products. Feedback from MHS Logistik has been consistently positive, confirming the superior performance and reliability of ICB compared to traditional VCI products.

"With ICB, we know that we are offering our customers a first-class solution that guarantees optimum corrosion protection for their products. The user-friendliness of ICB and the superior performance compared to VCI have convinced us in the long term."

Martin Wildner, Head of Logistics - MHS GmbH | Warehouse Waldmünchen, Burglengenfeld

ICB: The key to first-class corrosion protection

ICB, our Intelligent Corrosion Blocker, is the centrepiece of our success story with MHS Logistik. By delivering active ingredients on demand, ICB not only offers increased protection, but also significant time and cost savings compared to conventional VCI applications. 

MHS Logistik has recognised these benefits and is taking full advantage of them, cementing its reputation as a pioneer in the industry.

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