Services from A to Z

VCI corrosion protection is the final link in a process chain. However, the earlier production and cleaning activities may have a significant influence on the surface condition of metal parts. To create the necessary conditions for really effective corrosion protection EXCOR offers the following expert services:

  • Customer-specific assessment of the production processes and the media used for the purpose
  • Analysis of the surfaces of the parts to be protected
  • Tracking the causes of corrosion-inducing surface residues
  • Analysis of all media and cleaners used
  • Advice on how to avoid corrosion-inducing residues
  • Development of packaging meeting customer requirements
  • Testing the packaging via climatic simulations
  • Application training (on your premises, at seminars or in EXCOR workshops).

Assessing the production processes and media used

Finding the ideal solutions requires precise knowledge of the user's specific situation so it is important to assess the production processes. This includes the inspection of all process media used for mechanical processing, cleaning and preserving the merchandise in question. In this respect EXCOR recommends taking into account every aspect of the transportation, transshipment and storage processes.