EXCOR corrosion protection: product Groups

We are pleased to provide an overview of the various different EXCOR VCI product groups, compiled according to the various substrates used

VALENO films and other PE products:
VCI corrosion protection based on polyethylene

VCI packaging paper

EMIBO and UNICO diffusers:
VCI diffusers - in capsule or foam form

PERIGOL anti-corrosion oils:
Anti-corrosion fluids for the pre-treatment of sensitive metal surfaces

BALESO Desiccant: Strong against moisture

BALESO desiccants are certified according to DIN 55473 and effectively support the VCI method from EXCOR. This is particularly important when the ambient conditions lead to the formation of condensed water that settles on the metal surface earlier than the VCI active ingredients. Especially when packaging warm metal parts, water condensation develops very quickly. Here BALESO binds the moisture that occurs and guarantees the VCI active ingredients free access to the metal surface.

BALESO also makes an important safety contribution for metal parts with residual moisture in deep holes, or in the case of large air volume within the package or long-term packaging.

BALESO desiccants

BALESO desiccants

BALESO desiccants reduce moisture within the package and are easy to use.

Desiccant Calculator

desiccant calculator

Calculate your desiccant needs explicitly for
your applications with the EXCOR
desiccant calculator.