Worldwide: EXCOR: corrosion protection from the packaging

Company founders Knüppel Verpackung have been in the business since 1919 and are one of the leading traders in intelligent industrial packaging. In contrast, the firm NTIC focuses on the industrial use of environmentally friendly technologies for products  and services. True to this background, for over 20 years EXCOR has concentrated on environmentally friendly, value-oriented, technology-driven packaging solutions founded on international cooperation. EXCOR is an integral part of an internationally active joint venture system with research and development centres in Europe, Asia and America.

The company's sales territory is growing, and alongside Germany now includes Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Hungary, South Africa and Mexico. Meanwhile, joint venture partner firms in virtually every industrialised country provide worldwide support.

EXCOR: your reliable international partner for VCI packaging and perfect corrosion protection.

EXCOR: involvement in the NTIC Joint Venture

EXCOR is an integral part of the internationally active joint venture system of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). As a result EXCOR and sister brand Zerust are present in a total of 52 countries. The joint venture system puts EXCOR in a position to act globally at short notice, for instance undertaking inspections, shipping samples and investigating damage.

Worldwide over 250 people work for the firms participating in the joint venture system. Thanks to their daily commitment EXCOR is able to meet customer's special VCI corrosion protection requirements all round the world.

EXCOR joint venture partner represented on a map of the world