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The new TÜV certificates for EXCOR have arrived: TÜV Süd has once again confirmed and certified that the EXCOR quality management system meets the ISO...

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Basically every export operation overseas involves a high degree of mechanical impact and extreme climate variations. Ideal “breeding grounds” for...

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Brought into external storage less than a year ago in order to be sold soon, many pristine metal products reveal themselves to be rust-covered scrap...

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Corrosion protection demands expertise

Corrosion protection demands specific expertise. This is equally important when it comes to effective VCI corrosion protection provided by the packaging itself.  At EXCOR, we are trailblazers in this field and have been marketing VCI film for over 20 years.  Our patented VCI products have paved the way for ultra-efficient corrosion protection suitable for virtually every need.

To successfully prevent corrosion it is vital to analyse the VCI user's individual transportation and storage requirements.  A key part of this process is precisely determining how potentially susceptible  the metals and alloys being used are to corrosion. EXCOR offers this service and for our customers the result is a clear recommendation concerning the ideal VCI packaging for each material and product.

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Playing it safe

VCI corrosion protection - how it works

EXCOR offers you reliable safety, featuring individually tailored products, practical know-how and customer-oriented advice.

All this is backed up by customer training, packaging inspection and our systematic corrosion research, which includes chemical analysis in our in-house laboratory.




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